A downloadable game for Windows

An entry for the ue4 epic mega jam 2017 with the theme: However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light. 

You wake up to find your home drifting in a sea of nothingness. 

Illuminate your path to proceed, but be careful of falling into the void.

Can you find your way?

Controls: WASD, arrow keys to move, space to jump

Mouse to aim, left click to activate item held

E to interact with objects


WindowsNoEditor.zip 158 MB

Development log


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The jumping from platform to platform where difficult, but it was not my problem. I got stuck in the room with the candle.  When I tried to jump from the room to the next place, there is a wall I can't get through.

Yeah that's the one with the wonky collision - you have to place the candle at a further distance from the wall (while still being able to make the jump!)

A super interesting little game jam game . Sadly the game is hard to play, but it is pretty and the idea is really cool. I hope you will keep working on the game, and  please  give the  game some music and perhaps more sound effects. But overall well done.

Thanks for the feedback and words of encouragement! Can I know what gets you stuck? (is it the jumps)

How do you get passed the locked door. No key about and shooting the lights seems to do nothing. Stuck...

Try jumping through the wall (although the physics is wonky and it doesn't work sometimes, you need to get a clear unobstructed path)