Results announced!

Welp, I didn't win anything :P

The competition was really good in this epic mega jam though, with many entries being great to witness. And I realize that my UE4 skills need a heck of a lot of improvement. Some thoughts on the Epic game jam format though, which might help with future entries (if I get gud):

  • It seems that angling for one of the "special categories" is the most feasible way of standing out. So a VR entry (although less accessible to many) would be a good niche to play in just to stand out. Lol at some of the entries with an overboard cinematic that didn't really fit in the gameplay.
  • With  3D games as the core focus, visuals are highly important and looking at the post processing/shaders to differentiate the visuals is something that can't be ignored. 
  • Again, going back to the gameplay vs visual focus, and I should really focus more time on visuals and polish and dial back on the gameplay. Even some ambient music would help a lot with the game feel. Plus...
  • Gameplay in a 3d space is prone for errors and confusion for players. Simple gameplay is going to be key in making the game more accessible. E.g. top down/2.5D works better than 3d platformer/FPS. But then there's the modelling cost..

Next learning steps: Make a great looking game in UE4. Then come back to this jam (if ever, in the future!)

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