Today was coding, and the worst bit of the game - trying to program the AI (for "single player" mode)

I haven't programmed any AI in any game made thus far, and I'm not sure the methods I used are ideal, and the code looks a bit like spaghetti at the moment, and I'm already dreading having to implement the AI for all the summons in the game. 

Here's the approach:

- An action queuing system that feeds into the Player Controller. So rather than taking player inputs, the AI takes action inputs generated by the program.

- Actions include jumping at a predetermined time in the future, moving horizontally to a particular target and stopping, and summoning when there's no "urgent action". Ducking yet to be implemented.

- Some "cheating" involved. You'll see the AI execute perfect dodges from the bird attacks. Upon triggering certain events, the AI controller is informed of the next move - so once the bird dash is initiated a jump action is queued to occur at the right time in the future.

- No complex stuff like action selection through weights/heuristics at the moment, so the AI will try to do what its been triggered and will go all wonky if there's action queue overload.

Here's the result of a battle with the AI. (PS I wasn't doing too well against it). It can dodge the bird attacks but haven't found an elegant solution for the Argartha attacks yet.


Here's some crazy hectic action with just Diatrymas:

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