Previously, I didn't mention the work that was already done - I've set up the player platforming mechanics and animation, although it took quite a bit of effort to fix issues with moving platforms and obstacles. Damage results in a slight jump, but I'm not entirely satisfied by the impact of damage yet - somehow it defaults to the jump animation so I've yet to fix that as well.

Spent most of today drawing up some more summon sprites, working on the ground that makes up the main arena with randomized grass placement, fixing the UI system so that its not buggy as heck (forgot about getAxisRaw) and making sure that it correctly allows for 2 player gameplay. Custom key mapping  is definitely a must here.

Here's the result of a little test run. Due to not having another person to test this out with, I wasn't successful in dodging my own attack. Guess it's hard to playtest a 2 player action game all by yourself.

Diatryma vs Diatryma

Players respawn if they fall down, and they are limited to one side of the screen by the barrier shield in the middle.

The controls in this game can be slightly overwhelming so I've limited the extra buttons on top of direction keys  to be just a jump and summon key. Even then I foresee that a tutorial is required for players to appreciate the game, and planning for a single player / tutorial mode.

The background is a little bare at the moment and there's a lack of particle effects. Maybe that polish can come later, for now I'll focus on coming up with the summons.

Here's one that's close to completion:

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