Devlog #1

The theme of "summoning" first lead me onto a game idea, where you would play as an exorcist summoning a random being in a mansion. It would play like Slenderman, with the twist being randomized elements of the ritual to exorcise the being. 

The problem with this idea, is that making all those 3D models is going to be a pain within 8 days of the jam. 

So I decided on another idea: Simply put, it takes direct inspiration from Final Fantasy. I've always wanted to make my own FF-inspired game, but wary of the "fangame" status and all the CoD that follows. 

The twist to this game: it's also directly inspired by another game that's been consuming my life currently: Cuphead. Specifically, it was inspired by playing Sally Stageplay's level which referenced FFVI's Kefka:

As well as the other stages where the boss summons beings to his aid, such as this guy who does this:

Its going to be an action platformer RPG summoner duel where you summon monsters to fight your opponent, while you dodge your opponent's summoned monster attacks. 

You play as a Summoner:

One of the first summon beings: the Diatryma.

Yes, familiar bird is familiar.

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