A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the Meta Game Jam

You wake up one day and realize that the world is ending. Its up to you, to decide on this world's fate. 

A platformer/adventure game.

Use WASD or direction keys to move, Spacebar to interact, and the mouse.

Expect some meta stuff... and some geeky references...

This version includes music/sfx. The resolution is fixed at 1024x768 though, will figure out a bigger version soon! Some fixes are made to make the game easier to play.

Thought that it would be an apt entry, given that its the Easter weekend, and hopefully aside from some minutes of entertainment, also providing some food for thought - to think deeper about the meta, about the world that we know as reality.

Music made in LMMS, which are remixes/covers of Dance With the Dead - Watching You, and Porter Robinson - Goodbye To a World.


TheWorldEndsWithoutYou.zip 49 MB

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