Musings on what was done, what could have been *Spoiler*

Warning - spoilers ahead, so give the game a go first if you haven't!

This was really ambitious for a 14-day game jam entry. I definitely overestimated the complexity of this entry.

I wanted to achieve 3 things really with this entry:

- Explore the various weird ways of using user32.dll: I spent most of my time in the jam playing around with GetCursor and SetCursor and trying to get the right feel. Being able to move the cursor around was a really fun experience.  As for the game mechanic inspiration - I was primarily inspired by this tweet Although I didn't manage to get that fully implemented in-game, I tested it before the jam and it was definitely possible - although quite laggy somehow.

- Make my own music: Used LMMS, but I couldn't finish my music in time for the jam deadline as I was constantly re-doing the music as I wasn't fully satisfied with the tunes made as the instruments didn't really sound right. In the end, I bit the bullet and managed to squeeze in music and sound FX as a day 2 update. I chose to do covers of 2 songs, as an excuse for better learning LMMS to see how close I could get to the original (ended up sounding quite subpar compared to the originals). For those original tunes, I didn't really spend much time on them, but I'm pretty proud of the end product, in particular the quest theme which I tried to mimic some Zelda-like chord progression. Next time, I'll leave more time for music!

- Implement some form of dialogue system: Used Textmeshpro for the first time. It is really full featured, however I couldn't understand it in detail and so the text was doing weird things like being revealed out of order (which I'm still trying to debug). The custom dialog boxes are also a little awkward, and the code is in a really bad mess - I've always thought that unity UI was a little unfriendly to use, but this was nuts! 

For those wondering why the hell everything is on a small window:  I wanted to tie in the mechanic of closing windows into the game, with the discovery of the ultimate twist at the end - that you as the player will cause the end of the world - literally by a click of the button. One thing led to another and it was on day 1 on the jam that I decided - let's go with a platformer so I can do this stuff:

There isn't even a title screen, although there is a reason behind that... 

I had envisioned boss battles where you'd square off with bosses with quirky meta abilities. I quickly realized though, that doing a good boss battle is really hard. Boss battles would need to be unique and require different mechanics for them to feel fresh, therefore having to code different mechanics for each boss was a real pain. And the spyware was the only one that felt fully fleshed out, so too bad about the other bosses that didn't make the cut. Maybe next time...


The one and only boss that made it into the game


A really ancient virus
He's sad he didn't make it
Well, that's the end of my rambling for now, thanks for reading!

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Apr 01, 2018

Get The World Ends Without You

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