A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

An adventure game for the Let's Create Game Jam

This has not yet been finished (sadly) but I will try and see if I can get in more to be done over the next few hours, else it is what it is.

No alternate endings are available at the moment. Tutorials are also not in so here's a key tip for the game as it is- Try and collect the hearts to enable your power to interact with things using "SPACE". (Doesn't do too much at the moment though!) You can use the mouse to scroll and clicks on the playback buttons to control playback.

I'm keen to continue completing it but will see how much interest there is from the game jam. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below as well.

Edit: added linux and mac os builds (which are untested).


SecondQuest.exe 9 MB
SecondQuestSingleRun.exe 8 MB
SecondQuestLinux.zip 8 MB
SecondQuestMac.app.zip 10 MB

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