#1 - Idea Strikes

This is the first devlog on this game that's intended for the Let's Create Game Jam. The deadline is 26 August 10am but I have to complete the game before then, targeting to finish 25 August. That gives me about 3 weeks.

After doing Ludum Dare, I was a bit tired of game jams. I considered the theme: 30 Second Quest

Huh. That sounded like a boring theme. All the games will be doing quest-like stuff within a 30 second time frame. I filed the theme in the back of my mind - if I think of something cool I might try out. 

Then inspiration strikes.

Instead of doing 3D, I'll be striking out with a 2D entry, using my newly acquired GameMaker Studio from the Humble Gamemaker Rebundle.

I'll be focusing on three aspects: 

  • my pixel art (which I have low confidence in). Intentionally sticking to a low pixel count of 160x120 for my sanity while working on pixel art. This is going to be an art-heavy project.
  • my music-making skills. Toying around with LMMS, it works good for relatively low-fi production/electronic. To produce an expressive moody piece though? Not so confident right now, will see how it goes though.
  • my story-writing skills. Games are impersonal, fun things to share. Writing a story, and sharing it with the world, seems to be highly personal though, so I'm not entirely comfortable with the idea. Figured, why the hell not though!

The story (without having spoilers in here) will be about the last 30 seconds of a person's life.

Worked on some character walking animations - didn't achieve much this weekend. 2 more weekends to go!

Created some temporary pieces of work to set the mood. I think the tree looks butt ugly, but the characters seem alright. 

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