Use Spacebar and Enter to control!

Made for two-button jam

This update adds more levels and a more epic final level! 

Post your speed run times and number of deaths in the comments!

This was inspired from a previous game jam entry

Fonts: Bold font

Music remixed from Joshua McLean - check it out here


Download 18 MB
Download 18 MB


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Dude, this game is absolutely insane, great work and method in using the gravity shifting like VVVVVV would but into a game which has its own style and mechanics which only adds more to the experience, Only complaints i have is that some UI text looks blurry in some off spots, and there is no counter to prevent a play from switching when they are inside a wall, but it's honestly such a clean and polished little game. Please keep up the amazing work! 

Hey, is there anyway I can email you about this game?

You could reach me at randomph<at>!

I've emailed a bunch of times, but no reply :(

I got stuck on the no going back level. Again, like a lot of other games in the jam, a concept not seen often before. There was a game called "circles of hell" or something that sort of reminded me of this though. And you beat it's quality with <1 week of work. Good job :D

Thanks for checking out the game and the cool comments - that no going back is the last level as I ran out of time and made it quite crazy hard. 

For some reason i thought there'd be nine levels too XD

I thought so too (but ran out of time :P)

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