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This is a game submitted for the Butterscotch Shenanijam 2017, and my very first solo game jam! Tried out Game Maker Studio 2 and wasn't very familiar with the engine but I'm glad that I managed to wrangle this out! 

Theme: Perpetual Blood Circle

Somewhat inspired by Circa Infinity, which is a cool game that I haven't got around to playing.

A jump-and-gun platformer where what goes around comes around. Delve into the deep underworld full of cutesy critters. Just try your best not to harm these denizens of the deep, or else you will be very, very sorry. Can you rescue her from the 18 circles? 

Controls are using direction keys (left, right, up) and spacebar. (Typo: At the title screen, press spacebar to start)

Youtubes of players playing the game :


18circles.zip 6 MB

Development log


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AWESOME!!! Havent killed the boss, realluy tough one.

Thanks for streaming and the feature as the upload cover, and glad you enjoyed it!

It was really cool :)