This is made for the Ludum Dare 44 with the theme: Your life is currency!

I'm still feeling sick but I put this together in less than a day. No music unfortunately, but hope it works well! There's only 1 tutorial stage and 4 levels, and its really short. Glad to have participated though, as its keeping my mind off the illness.

Hint: if its impossible to control, think of it as first trying to get the coin to stand on its side (like a bicycle wheel) - it might flop down on the other side though, so you'll need to quickly move in the perpendicular direction to gain traction and maintain that coin stand. 


Download 20 MB
Download 19 MB
ttwiwraac.unitypackage 1 MB


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I adore this game! I love the facial expressions on the coin and the movement feels so right. Five stars! Hope you're feeling better.

Thanks! I thought the movement was a little too challenging to master though. Feeling better in some ways but worse in others (lower back issues ugh). 

i agree, the movement feels valid, if challenging