A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This was made within 48 hours for the Ludum Dare #39 Compo, with the theme "running out of power".

Heavily inspired by a certain anime, the setting is that your city is under attack from alien bots that bear an uncanny resemblance to batteries (or cylinders)! Defend the power grid, however your actions such as shooting, dashing, hovering will cause a drain on your power, so you would need to recharge yourself by diverting energy from the base, but that would mean lights out. 

This is a FPS + tower defense game where you can convert buildings to turrets and activate generators. Just don't get caught with your power down (as you can get killed), and protect your base (once it goes to zero, game over)!

There is currently no end state and this is quite unbalanced, so the goal is to see how many generators you can activate. Let me know your feedback on this!


  • Press ESC to Pause the game, you can check out the controls and set graphic settings in the Options menu.
  • You can use a game controller for the game! Face buttons for jump/hover, shoot, building stuff ("right mouse click") and trigger buttons for dash/bullet time

POST JAM Changes:

  • Fixed the in-game tutorial so that it is clearer. Check out this version as this would be much easier to understand!
  • Rebalanced to make it less relentless. More time between waves, and turrets shoot 10% faster.
  • Fixed various bugs: hovering, hover sound, recharging, recharge sound, UI display of regen speed, enemies not spawning sometimes, windowed mode, player dropping off the map and crashing
  • Slight fixes to the trenches with more signposting.
  • Fonts changed to be consistent. UI fonts have shadows for better legibility
  • Fixed building text being too high - now it still goes up
  • Powerups are indicated clearly
  • Added beeping sounds
  • Changed restart game to be spacebar instead

Install instructions

UE4 pre-requisites required - run EXE for further instructions.


TheyAttackAtNight_WindowsPostJam.zip 140 MB
TheyAttackAtNight_LinuxPostJam.zip - fixed 194 MB
TheyAttackAtNight_MacPostJam.app.zip 170 MB
TheyAttackAtNight.zip 140 MB
TheyAttackAtNightMac.app.zip 169 MB
SourceProject.zip 616 MB

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