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This was fantastic gave me a good laugh! Great job! hahahahaha

Great nostalgic concept, fantastic execution! We also discovered the music stopping bug, but irregardless had a great time. Looking forward to the other songs being added, are you considering any other hazzards? I can see it getting crazy fun.

Graphics are great, Music is great, gameplay is light and fun. Big thumbs up!

Loved the floor is lava concept! I played it through... though technically I died on thje first stage haha.

Oooooh What a surprise it was when I was at the end, but the music stopped. That's a very smart little game mechanic to put in there!

Argh that wasn't intended (to get stuck when the music stops) and it definitely feels unfair. Yes I was actually referring to Junior Senior for the player sprite and even had the colours match somewhat, nice catch! Thanks so much for playing and putting a video out (and replaying that end bit!)