Made for Music Game Jam 2018. A rhythm based game. Listen to the beats, jump to avoid the lava, and collect as many coins as you can. Can you make it to the exit without getting hurt?

Use arrow keys to move. Press space bar to pause game where  you can have the option to restart the level or go back to the main menu. 

Due to popular demand, you can now die!

Added a cover of Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky, so now there's 2 songs to try! Warning: the new song is expert mode!

Also added a cover of Earth, Wind & Fire - September, while its still September (too bad it wasn't on 21 September). Slightly easier but also tricky!

Music made in LMMS

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity


Download 37 MB


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This was fantastic gave me a good laugh! Great job! hahahahaha

Great nostalgic concept, fantastic execution! We also discovered the music stopping bug, but irregardless had a great time. Looking forward to the other songs being added, are you considering any other hazzards? I can see it getting crazy fun.

Graphics are great, Music is great, gameplay is light and fun. Big thumbs up!

Loved the floor is lava concept! I played it through... though technically I died on thje first stage haha.

Oooooh What a surprise it was when I was at the end, but the music stopped. That's a very smart little game mechanic to put in there!

Argh that wasn't intended (to get stuck when the music stops) and it definitely feels unfair. Yes I was actually referring to Junior Senior for the player sprite and even had the colours match somewhat, nice catch! Thanks so much for playing and putting a video out (and replaying that end bit!)