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Brave the freezing cold and navigate the mountainous terrain in this open world environment to deliver the goods for profit!
At the end of a tiring day, retreat to the cosiness of a fireplace in the outpost tower. Can you unlock all of the towers?

Made for the CORE GAMES Secret Spaces Jam, requires CORE to play


  • Use and hold left mouse button to glide
  • Press space to jump (you can do multiple jumps!)
  • Press CTRL to look at the map
  • Press DELETE to remove an unwanted job

How to play

  • Talk to NPCs to get delivery jobs. For starters try not venturing too far!
  • Being out in the cold is bad for your health. Recharge at the cosy fireplaces!
  • Level up to gain more health points and stamina.
  • Don't fall into the freezing water!

Inspired by the following artwork from Sylvain 'Tohad' Sarrailh

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