This was made for the slime jam.

You are a slime. Gather your other slime buddies and try to escape. Its a little hard to be a slime though, as physics isn't often on your side!

Direction keys and spacebar to play. Click on full screen button twice to make full screen.

Music by Slime Studios. SFX by BFXR (glass breaking doesn't sound very realistic atm..)

Font - Anton in TextMeshPro. 

Notes made in Lunapicas I didn't have a paint program somehow...

Used the technique set out here for the metaball blob effect. 


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How do i move


make the ceiling collideable one of the meta balls went out 


Cool use of that metaball blob effect!


Really clever! A few technical problems, I think: I couldn't get the slime to climb on the blue wall and every so often a jump just wouldn't happen when I pressed the jump button (Input in FixedUpdate, maybe?). I was unable to progress beyond 40%. Control issues aside, this is a great idea and pretty nice execution!


Haha, you are exactly right, forgot about the fixedupdate input issue! I guess the escape isn't too obvious as well (not very playtested)

Will patch this after the GJ ends, but thanks for playing :D


Perfect 10/10