A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You wake up in a strange place. There's voyeuristic penguins, a llama that shoots laser beams.. and polar bears with chainsaws? 

Use the TV screens to navigate the hexagonal maze, don't loose your footing and drink all 9 coffees to escape! 

Use mouse controls and keyboard to control.

Version 0.2 is out! Fixed some minor issues, made polar bears a little smarter (but you can now outrun them!). Penguin will only alert a single polar bear now. The polar bear random walk is also less random. Also added enhancements to the ending scene, and the ability to play more challenging modes (as though it wasn't challenging enough!) which spawns more of everything ...except for TV screens! I also added Mac and Linux builds but not sure if they work fine - please let me know if there's any issues.

This was made for the TV Game Jam, inspired by not just 1, but 3 different TV shows. 

  • Shirokuma Cafe
  • Black Mirror
  • Takeshi's Castle

I initially wanted to do a Shirokuma Cafe only cafe-style game, but got bored of it quickly - so I pivoted real quick! The gameplay is a little unbalanced, its not properly playtested, and the physics is wonky (so expect some cheap deaths), but I hope you get some fun out of this! 

Here are some tips (in case it gets a little too challenging/confusing...)

  • Listen to the position of sounds with stereo speakers / headphones. Turn down BGM volume if it is too distracting...
  • Hold Shift to run
  • The  polar bears roam about the maze randomly. Avoid getting seen!
  • The penguin will alert the polar bears to your presence. Avoid getting seen too!
  • The llama will appear at certain rooms, dodge his beam attack


ShirokumaMazeWin.zip 26 MB
ShirokumaMazeMac.app.zip 27 MB
ShirokumaMazeLinux.zip 30 MB


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Made a video

Great stuff, much more difficult than it seems it would be!