This is an entry for the Fantasy Console Game Jam with the theme: Union.

This is a katamari style game where you gather the workers of TIC Corporation to form a union and break into the boardroom to negotiate better salaries and benefits for all.  The more workers you gather, the greater your bargaining power, but don't be too late for negotiations! Also, be careful of evil HR handing out pink slips! Workers come in different colours and to attract them you need to have a minimum number of workers in your union. 

  • Blue collar (0)
  • Red collar (50)
  • Gray collar (100)
  • White collar (red tie) (150)
  • White collar (baby blue tie) (200)

Use Arrow keys to control, press X for help and press Z when you get stuck in corners (collisions are still quite finicky in this early build!)

Used TIC-80 for this entry.

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Published 12 days ago

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