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Greatly appreciate the playback footage. Some parts where the prediction clearly predicted wrongly, especially at the end! I see where the issue lies (where the ball starts off in an occupied spot). Thanks again!

It is too hard to understand for me

Have rewritten the game description, but yes, I think this needs a better tutorial, thanks for checking out the game!

WebGL works nicely. Love hearing the pitch increase when I get a good volley in. My high score is 335. Nice menu interactivity, too. Good touch. I feel like this game fits the theme of the LD jam "Running Out of Space" even moreso than the brackeys theme "Light"  :)

Appreciate the feedback on WebGL! Application of theme is a little forced here I guess compared to the other entries in the jam.

In the Windows build, the resolutions/aspect ratios do not show the whole game. it is unplayable with the windows build. Now that I play the WebGL version I can see that's the problem. Everything top and bottom is cut off due to wide/short window size on windows build.

Thanks for feedback - didn't get to playtest the Windows build! Seems like I have  to do a rejig for Windows.

Fun game, but I'm really confused about the rules. I've re-read your description multiple times, but still not sure what I am doing. Sound, UI and game play is cool. Just wish I knew if I was winning or losing, lol.

Thanks, unfortunately the tutorial seems to be quite inadequate,. Have re-written the description but I think the idea might be a little too abstract to grasp and needs a better tutorial. Thanks for playing (you should know you're losing if its a Game Over lol)