A game made for the Mashup Jam and Adventure Jam 2018!

A mashup of Kaiba and Moon, my favorite cult classic anime and movie respectively. 

Now containing the (Adventure Jam) version of the game! Best played in full screen mode.

Use the mouse cursor and WASD/arrow keys to navigate. Spacebar to jump.

Center mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

Press Z to switch between characters and X to interact.


Character model and animations from Mixamo (Ty)

Font: Bioliquid, Chubby Cheeks, Emoticons.

Music made in LMMS

Gravity code based on Faux Gravity Tutorial by Sebastian Lague.


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It's beautiful but I don't understand...What am I supposed to do ?

You can collect the white crystals as fuel for the rocket, and use the robot's detonate ability to harvest pink crystals which produce white crystals. 

Hello friend! I see that you've been active in many competitions. Super cool game, love the style of it, and I think the puzzle mechanics can work. It's pretty cool also that there's no map of the planet, so you'll have to navigate using memory and land marks. AND the game is beautiful - I played it on my 43" screen and it was amazing. Love the design of the sun. Well done! :)

Hey there, been a while - hope to see more games from you! Thanks for playing this diminutive version :D. Please do check out the more fully formed version which probably needs more playtesting of the puzzle mechanics at http://jams.gamejolt.io/advjam2018/games/moonbound/340836