A city building + FPS exploration game made for the Ludum Dare 41: Combine 2 incompatible genres....? (Yeah I know its not totally incompatible.)

You are Mayor Metal Man of Metal City and its your job to populate this town and defend it from invaders!

The soft win condition is to build in all 25 squares, but really, just do whatever you want - its a sim game.

Controls using the mouse, spacebar for jump (and hover!

Important note: To go into city planning view- head back to city hall and walk to the tv screen

Note: I have zapped quite a few bugs in the post jam build which is also a bit more complete with powerups and proper enemy spawns. Options also expanded to include mouse sensitivity, invert Y axis, and the latest version fixes some issues with the indicators bouncing around and adds a post-processing effect option.

If there is lag in performance (Linux/Mac?) try disabling post-processing effects in the options menu.


Made in Unity in 48 hrs (jam version)

3d models using Magicavoxel and Blender

Font: Upheaval

Music: Otomata

Code snippets from Brackey's youtube series


MayorMetalMan-WinLDJamBuild.zip 21 MB
Source.zip 94 MB
WindowsPostJamv1.1.zip 21 MB
LinuxPostJamv1.1.zip 40 MB
MacPostJamv1.1.zip 35 MB

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