A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the Mirror game jam

You are a robot in a testing facility and this time you are testing out the latest supercollider superemitter hypergammatron (TM) laser gun. This lab prototype has a limited range and can't hurt a fly, but the laser beam has curious extraphysical properties such as bouncing further upon hitting glass/mirrors and allowing the wielder to do a fast zoom to the end of the laser beam.

Originally intended for this to be a parody of Portal with more background story and more levels but I've scaled it down and it has 3 levels for now. Might develop this further if there's more interest as all the pieces are there.

Controls are your usual FPS type of WASD keys.

Space to jump. E to interact. Z to go into bullet time mode, left click to zoom. 

Use V to switch  between first and third person camera and mouse scroll to control the third person camera zoom distance.

Install instructions

Unzip and run "LightSpeed.exe"


LightSpeedWin64.zip 165 MB

Development log


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Dear developer, tractor beam does nothing when i click right mouse button.

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Dear developer, app does not save settings when i close it and i reopen it. When i switch app into fullscreen then app can not be minimize with windows start button on keyboard. level 1 and level 2 does not jump player forward when i take gun and click left mouse button. level 2  and level 3 is is running around 30+fps very often. Beam does not activate ball on wall in level 1 and level 2 from distance and level 3 has unbeatable green wall. laser does not bounce from distance very often. I can not set vsync. Main menu runs at 62 fps but my screen is 60 hz. Main menu does not show robot but it show only floating gun. I can not run with shift button and i can not crouch with ctrl button. Playstation 3 gamepad was not tested. Please add raytracing for rtx nvidia cards. My device is asus g750jh with windows 10 insider preview.  Please translate game to slovak. Please update game to directx12. God bless you.

Thanks for your detailed comments! It was my very first game that I made in unreal engine, am Glad that you made it that far! The light was intended to have a limited range as it would be overpowered otherwise but that feature turned out to be very hard for players to understand.