A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the Mirror game jam

You are a robot in a testing facility and this time you are testing out the latest supercollider superemitter hypergammatron (TM) laser gun. This lab prototype has a limited range and can't hurt a fly, but the laser beam has curious extraphysical properties such as bouncing further upon hitting glass/mirrors and allowing the wielder to do a fast zoom to the end of the laser beam.

Originally intended for this to be a parody of Portal with more background story and more levels but I've scaled it down and it has 3 levels for now. Might develop this further if there's more interest as all the pieces are there.

Controls are your usual FPS type of WASD keys.

Space to jump. E to interact. Z to go into bullet time mode, left click to zoom. 

Use V to switch  between first and third person camera and mouse scroll to control the third person camera zoom distance.

Install instructions

Unzip and run "LightSpeed.exe"


LightSpeedWin64.zip 165 MB

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