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Legend has it that the greatest horror writers have resided in this hotel for inspiration, and if you were to collect all 8 pages of stories found throughout the hotel, it would bring you great fame and fortune. A multiplayer horror game for 2-6 players, where one of the players gets to play as the haunt. 

Inspired by Slenderman-type games such as Stop it Slender.

This is made in CORE. Requires CORE to play.

Note: This can still be played in single player but there wouldn't be a player as the haunt. It's still a spooky time to be had. 


  • WASD, mouse to look
  • Hold Left Shift + move to dash forward
  • Press F to interact
  • Press C to crouch
  • Press T to open/close help


  • Grab the costume to be the haunt. 
  • Each room can have up to two items. 
  • Remember to close the doors after you leave the room - otherwise other players can enter those doors easily without a key.

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