This is a golf game and metroidvania in one!

Click and drag anywhere to aim and hit the golf ball. You have to let the ball come to rest before taking another turn.

Holes act as checkpoints.

Initially you can only hit the ball once per turn, but later on you can hit multiple strokes in a turn by collecting more powerups. 

Explore the sprawling map. 

Can you beat the boss and get to the end? Also can you collect all the powerups (6 + 1 special)?

Made in Unity. Music and sound FX made in LMMS. Voiceover generated by NaturalReader. Sprites made in Inkscape. 

Have tested the WebGL to play fine in Chrome, although there are some frame drops. If you have issues playing the WebGL version, here's the Windows build uploaded.


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Pls fix golf ball so I can hit it. But it is nice game graphics wise.

Can I know whats the problem with hitting the ball? You should only be able to hit it once before it comes to rest at the start.

there is problem in ball coming into the rest, somehow it takes long time/cant be in rest. Idk how I ran into this bug.

You'll need to wait for it to stop moving (yes it is kind of intentional). If there is some slope the ball will still be rolling.

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It may be hard to recreate but if the ball is in certain position it wont come in the rest like in this picture

PS:still waiting

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I made one hole, and tried for the second, at the left of the image here. Then the ball got "stuck" when I overshot the hole at the left, ball rolled down to where it looks like it is resting in this pic, but I couldn't take another shot. (I haven't tried the Windows download yet so it may just be a WebGL thing.)

Cool idea for a game though! :-)