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Woah, It's hard! I got 8.


Got 15. This is a creative clone. It is also interesting the player also need to watch the bird position as the picked up bird position will affect the difficulty.

Looks like there is a bug/feature in the latest build where you respawn with the flock you had when you died.  Also high score of 14!

Feature, not bug! Thought it was a shame to not be able to see the final formation you made before you died.

Gonna Agree with Merlin on the font. Otherwise, a really good concept and a fun game!

Thanks for playing, changed fonts!

The GTA fonts look out of place. It would be cool if there was a high score that was like (pipes x birds). Otherwise its solid.

Would also recomend changing the button to spacebar instead of z.

Changed the fonts and added a few key options (no spacebar though!). Didn't change the high score though, thanks for the feedback!