This is an entry for the Fantasy Console Game Jam with the theme: Union.

The twist to this Flappy Bird clone is that you have to gather all your Flappy Friends for a re-union. Form a Flappy Formation but watch out - one hit and its game over!

Just press Z, X or Up direction key to play.

As this is my very first FC game, I thought it would be appropriate to start off with a simple game to learn the ropes. This was made in PICO-8.

Edits made for v1.1: changed fonts, added key options and backgrounds, and a cool feature at the intro scene to commemorate your last Flappy reunion!

Leave your high scores in the comments below!

More information

Published 142 days ago
StatusIn development
Tagsbird, flappy, one-button
Average sessionA few seconds


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Got 15. This is a creative clone. It is also interesting the player also need to watch the bird position as the picked up bird position will affect the difficulty.

Looks like there is a bug/feature in the latest build where you respawn with the flock you had when you died.  Also high score of 14!

Feature, not bug! Thought it was a shame to not be able to see the final formation you made before you died.

Gonna Agree with Merlin on the font. Otherwise, a really good concept and a fun game!

Thanks for playing, changed fonts!

The GTA fonts look out of place. It would be cool if there was a high score that was like (pipes x birds). Otherwise its solid.

Would also recomend changing the button to spacebar instead of z.

Changed the fonts and added a few key options (no spacebar though!). Didn't change the high score though, thanks for the feedback!