A minimalist physics-based twin-stick shooter with a greater focus on puzzles.

Made for Ludum Dare 42 Compo in 48 Hrs with the theme: Running out of Space.

Use mouse controls and keyboard (WASD or direction keys). 

Spacebar to Pause game

In the inflationary universe of DE/VOID, inflate the enemies and reduce the counter to zero to win. But you'll find yourself quickly running out of space.

Each stage brings its unique characteristics and you'll have to understand how each creature works to complete the stage.

Stages completed are blacked out in the main menu, and you can revisit the game anytime to complete the stages in any order. There are 35 stages in the game jam compo version (wanted 42 stages but oh wells) 

Can you complete them all? 

Made in Unity. Music made in LMMS. 

Minor Post-Jam Bugfix: stage completion now indicated by blackout in the main menu.


DEVOID_LD42_BugFix_Win.zip 29 MB
DEVOID_LD42_Win.zip 29 MB
DEVOID_LD42_Mac.app.zip 31 MB
DEVOID_LD42_Linux.zip 81 MB
RandomphantomLD42source.unitypackage 21 MB


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Very cool! Great use of the theme!

Thanks for checking it out :D