Made for A Game By Its Cover Jam 2017

Inspired by

大好ぶちゅJukio Kallio / Composer

Two dogs that can’t be separated? Delicious meat or dangerous bombs? This way or that way? Play with your friend/sibling/significant other/enemy against each other or cooperatively in this revolutionary game, where you can do both!

This is a 2 player physics platformer game, although it could be played with 1 player, I recommend 2 players for maximum fun! Try to collect as many treats as you can and play cooperatively or competitively. Complete the level by collecting 100 treats in total. 

UPDATED for an additional level! Now there are 2!

Some WIP screenies:


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i played it alone and it was great fun so far, the design is very cute!

Very cute and fun! I love the give and take feel of the dogs, you can feel their comedic frantic tension, while the music enhances the colorful springy-ness :)

Exe doesn't work.

Whoops..did you try running it with the daikoubuchu_data folder as well?