A bullet hell clicker. Mine BulletCoins (TM) with a click, but be careful of where your mouse cursor goes, and avoid anything that's pink!

Tip: You can drag the miners and generators around.

Made for the Ludum Dare 40 with the theme "The more you have, the worse it is"

Didn't have much time to jam this time round, but with the little time I had, I banged together this entry just to be in. All in all, less than 8 hours? Hope its still entertaining enough though. Post your high scores below!

(Oops forgot to post source code. I'll try to upload it later but away from the pc used for dev-ing.)


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You owe me a new index finger

This idea is so clever to me. I like how this ties so well into the theme and expands on the clicker genre, and ingeniously breaks the 4th wall!

needs mathf.clamp :p

Heh someone's been playing this for a while! Good job!

Its awesome. but a Volume Slider/ Mute button would be welcomed

Thanks for playing and feedback, added a mute button!

Fun idea/concept but kinda needs more.  I tend to die randomly and my click finger hurts a little ^^ 

Yeah a little basic at the moment, added a new research option but it's pretty barebones. Thanks for clicking!