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You awaken, and find yourself on a spacecraft. Stealthily, you make your way to the control room. The many-tentacled alien being had just left the terminal unmanned, for presumably what looks like to be a ... toilet break? (let's not think about it too much now). It's now your turn to control what appears to be a keyboard... seems like there's some instructions coming through the terminal now...

This is a physics-based game made for the GMTK game jam 2020. The theme was "OUT OF CONTROL" and the game uses the entire keyboard as a control scheme. 

Actually the game is pretty easy to control, but if you're looking for a challenge that is more in-line with the theme, try to achieve the best time possible! Remember, you can plan (and scan) ahead before starting your move. Only a tutorial level and a fuller level sadly (I ran out of time) but have fun

EDIT: I realize that the UI ended up being too small on high-res screens. Here's a link to a build which fixes the UI scaling, else I feel sorry for your eyes!.


Arrow keys to move, Enter to speed up the dialog, Spacebar to scan, Escape to restart, and alphabet keys on the keyboard.

Oh, and you can collect multiple items at once!


Font - comfortaa

Music - Quirky-Pretty-Beautiful-Synth arpeggios (Human Conditioning) by SoularFlair

SFX - from Freesound

Assets - UFO by me, everything else is from the Polygon asset pack (Simple Town)


Windows.zip 25 MB


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nice game, add levels and make a menu please

fun game, the text was confusing but it sounds like you've dealt with that.

Enjoyed the game!

It took me a while to figure out you can collect more than one item at a time... but maybe it says that in the instructions? There was a bit too much text and it's hard to read white writing on a semi-transparent grey background so I might've skipped it.

I did enjoy building a monster tree and throwing dumpsters across the desert, tho. Good one! :)

Yes, instructions were a little unclear... need to make the gameplay/tutorial more intuitive.


Good Game!! I really like the ideas in this one!  It's simple but clear.  I think the typing in the beginning was a little confusing but I was able to figure things out just by experimenting in game.  (I don't read very quickly lol)  Great Job!!

Agree the instructions were a little too unclear. Shouldn't have made dialogue progress automatically. Thanks for checking out the game!

Great game well  done! the text is really small tho, cant read anything 


Added a link to a build which fixes the UI (too bad uploads for bug fixes like this aren't allowed)