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If you try hard enough you may realise you are not so worthless.

OH YEAH!!! To have someone clear my game is SUPER AWESOME (at least I know its beatable) but you were able to clear some of the areas with one shot which is pretty mad skillz. Thanks for the video, at least the ending was not in vain :D

Got really laggy when a lot of balls got on the screen (lol). But it's an amazing and fun platformer. I'd pay for a completed version.

yeah, the balls are not very optimized at the moment, but glad to hear that you enjoyed it :D 

The camera shake makes it impossible to play. It looks just like teleporting from one side of the screen to another. But I can atleast say that Web version supports Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller. If you could reduce the gain of camera shake I might be able to make a gameplay video.

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Thanks for the feedback, for the HTML5 I've added an option to turn off the bloom if that makes it much smoother to play and made some minor optimisations. The camera shake hopefully gets resolved with that. My potato macbook still lags upon playing it up to a certain point so let me know if its still an issue.

Wow that was amazing. I love the dark atmosphere, reminds me of Limbo. Really great Job with the art, sound, and especially coding the game.


Thanks :D Yeah Limbo was a huge source of inspiration for this.

Very nice work on the sound and atmosphere of the game.

Gotta thank Sonniss for that! (just added credits, thanks for checking out :D)

Oh my goodness! You've done so much with so little! The bounciness, the lit areas and colors. So neat!

Thanks, that was quick to get a play!